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The Conscious Power (at times) of Saying No

marketing_image002A part of being assertive has everything to do with the strength to say no. Of course there is a time for saying yes but for many the power of no has escaped them. The inability to say no has trapped them into many contracts and situations not to their advantage. You have to be confident in yourself and be brave. Have the courage to put your feelings first, if the situation constitutes that being the right thing to do. Your feelings, emotions, intuition tells you when you collaborate with it, rather a thing is for you. Start with some confidence building affirmations and progressively you’ll recognize more and more that you’re able to stand upright and say no.

You have to start liking self, have respect for yourself and feel that you’re worthy. The criticisms or rejections that you received from parents, teachers and others as a child should now be relinquished and dumped. That was then and this is now. Change the way you think, see and feel about yourself. Naturally your persuasive inner voice will interject and tell you to get real. But do not allow it. Override this “whispering” complacent robbing tone. Take over and tell it to “be quiet” and replace those critics with positive affirmations.

Here are a couple affirmations that you will be able to use.

1. I choose to forgive everybody.

2. I choose to make it easy for me and be self confident.

3. I choose to let go of weight from the past and to be courageous.

4. I choose to feel open to expressing myself and know that others see me that way too.

5. I choose to take pride in myself.

6. I choose to feel desirable.

7. I choose to have high self esteem

8. I choose to adore myself.

Note: Affirmations do work. Some say they do not but this is not true. Depending on the mental condition of the person affirmations may work more effectively for some than others. Others will have to apply some additional tools and techniques in order to empower and assist their affirmations to reach the subconscious. Each of us is unique and journey through various environments which impact our mental disposition. Thus to get through the “chitter-clatter” we must find out what works best. Music, prayer, chanting, singing, meditation all can be infused with affirmations to assist our holistic development.

The most profound way is to improve ourselves in this day and time is to understand Universal Laws and how they operate in our lives beginning with the Law of Attraction.







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 In your growth and development recognize the power of “No.” It provides power and control to your expression. It is your life, do not be afraid at the proper times to say no.

Sleep! Vital to Your Health and Success

If you sometimes have difficulty sleeping, then this article will help you understand what steps can be taken to change this. Follow the four methods below to increase and better your slumber. Sleep is vital for your all around health and success. It is important to get restful and peaceful sleep. Quickies or afternoon naps also are quite beneficial. So let’s look at a few things that can help you obtain better sleep.

 Bed association

 hotel roomSounds strange, but what your mind associates with your bed can mess with your sleep. For instance, if you lie in bed frequently to watch TV or movies, or read books etc., the mind begins to associate ‘bed’ with these activities instead of just sleeping. Bed time needs to be a ordered ritual. Such bedtime rituals will allow the mind to associate your created routine with a restful night sleep.


Using the bed for sleep only (or maybe other, agreeable things) can actually signal to the brain that it’s time for sleep the moment you jump under the covers, and you will drift off a lot easier.

Natural herbs

 Some choose to stay away from sleeping tablets because of the side effects, like the drowsiness during daylight hours, possible addiction, or simply because they do not want to keep resorting to medication on a daily basis.

 peppermint_leafIf this is the case, there are natural alternatives. They are not as potent as prescription medication, but this can be a good thing. Instead of “knocking you out” after taking them, natural herbs can simply make you feel calm, relaxed and sleepy, aiding you to drift off when you are ready, and the effects usually wear off by morning. It won’t be so difficult to wake up when the alarm goes off, and you won’t be feeling so drowsy all morning.

One of the best herbs for sleep is Valerian. This comes in tablet form, or dried root, which you can drink as a tea. Other herbs that help are hops, passion flower, chamomile and the aroma of lavender.


 The human body thrives on routine. If you constantly vary your bed time, it can be difficult to fall asleep, or you may have a rough night. It’s a good idea to wake up and get to bed at the same time every day.

After doing this for a while, you’ll notice that you suddenly begin to feel really sleepy at the exact time you normally go to bed, and can drift off to sleep effortlessly. You’ll also notice that it’s a lot easier to get up in the morning.


180x150 Leading a sedentary lifestyle can make it difficult to sleep at night. Sedentary doesn’t mean you’re lazy and don’t do anything, it just means that you do not do much physical activity. For example, if you work in an office job, and drive a car to work, this may classify as sedentary. There is not much movement, and a lot of sitting. This can lead to excess energy. When it comes to bed time, you just don’t feel like sleeping, or when you do fall asleep, it is a very light slumber, and you are easily awoken.

 I bet if you have ever had a physically exhausting day, a break from the norm, you probably slept like a baby that night. This shows how important regular physical exercise can be. But don’t worry. You won’t have to join the gym and workout until you cry three times a week. Light activity can by just as beneficial. A simple 30 minute walk on a daily basis can have the same effect.

ScreenHunter_46 Feb. 26 14.09 Half an hour walking a day may sound a lot, but it’s not that bad. It just means walking up the road for 15 minutes, turning around, and coming back! Do this first thing in the morning to wake you up and make you feel fresh and invigorated for the day ahead. Not to mention the benefit of the good night’s sleep you’ll get that evening.

 The above four tips can work wonders for helping you sleep better. It will aid you to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, and to wake up nice and refreshed.

Also, as a powerful being and learning to know self sleep affords the opportunity to apply the keys of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Sleep times is a great time to reprogram the mind and essential to the reprogramming process is to learn all you can about Universal Law, and more specifically the law of attraction.


Calm Your Mind in Hectic Situations

“Creative ideas are not consciously thought out….but come out automatically, spontaneously, and somewhat like a bolt from the blue, when the conscious mind has let go of the problem….After [a person] has defined the problem, sees in his imagination the desired end result, secured all the information and facts that he can, then additional struggling, fretting, and worrying over it does not help, but seems to hinder the solution.”
-Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics (1960)

B-02-250-by-250Sometimes life can become overwhelming. Certain situations can simply become too much to handle. Stress levels can rise to the point of becoming a health hazard. When your body is pumped full of adrenaline, cognitive function can become impaired. We can make bad decisions and poor choices. Look around you, read the news report, the actions of human society does not match educational expectations. Something is clearly wrong.


You have probably experienced this before, when you’ve experienced a situation that has been very stressful, and reacted in a certain way. Yet, for some reason — hours later when you have fully calmed down, you come up with other, more effective ways you could have dealt with the situation.

This is not an unusual thing. It happens to most of us at some point in our lives, be it in the workplace, or within our own homes.

At these times, it is especially helpful to know how to keep calm. Or cool down your mind once it has gone into overdrive. It’s better that you are able to calm down within seconds and do the correct thing, rather than regretting your actions hours later. Fortunately, certain techniques exist that you can learn and use straight away to achieve a calm and tranquil mind, almost instantly.

 Once applied, these methods will aid you to stay cool in even the most demanding situations. Other people will begin to ask how on earth you manage to stay so calm in such difficult times.

 Breathing exercise


Om MeditatiomBreathing exercises can help calm the mind, increase oxygen to the brain, and release “feel good” endorphins into the body, even if practiced only briefly. The aim is to breathe in as slowly as you can, hold for a second or two, then out slowly. Try to keep the rhythm regular, to a certain count.


For example, take 2-4 seconds breathing in, hold for 1 second, then breathe out for 2-4 seconds. One of the best methods is the 7-1-7 rhythm. Take 7 seconds to breathe in, hold for 1 second, then 7 seconds to breathe out. Try to do this for 10 breaths, for up to 3 “sets”. The 7-1-7 rhythm will be hard to do at first, so start with whatever you are comfortable with, and work your way up to 7 seconds over time.

When doing a breathing exercise, make sure they are “belly breaths”. This means you expand your abdomen when you breath in, to suck in more air and stretch the diaphragm muscle. Even one single deep belly breath can calm your mind a huge amount in stressful situations.


 A little known technique for calming the mind is simply reading. When you are overwhelmed by emotion, be it panic, fear or even anger, reading something can distract the mind enough for the body to calm down, allowing you to think clearly.

 It doesn’t matter what you read, but it seems that the more boring the writing is, the better. Trying to read and understand something that you have no interest in seems to really calm the mind. Sounds wacky, but give it a try!

Staying in the present

 Focusing on the present, and the sensations in your physical body can keep you “out of your own head” long enough to calm the mind. Staying in the present means not thinking about things that haven’t happened yet, and not thinking about things in the past. Also, try to focus on physical sensations by paying attention to each of the five senses.

 What can you hear, right now? What can you see? What can you smell or feel? Really concentrate, down to the tiniest detail. Feel the clothes next to your skin, the heat or cold of the environment. Hear sounds you normally don’t notice — the humming electrical appliances, the birds outside. Look slowly around the room, mentally list and describe everything you can see. Staying in the present, physically and mentally can bring instant calm to your mind.

Staying in the present is the state of being that exist between past and future. It is here, the NOW, where you have the power to create your better tomorrows.

 Use any of the above three techniques to achieve a calm mind, even in the most stressful of encounters. Each can be used straight away when you need it, or if practiced regularly enough, can act as a way to keep you calm and stable at all times.

As a Sociologist and continual learner of life I have found that the best way to cope with life and eliminate its many stresses and pressures is to elevate ones awareness and apply universal laws.  The concepts of the Law of Attraction (LOA) is one of these key principles and should be studied by everyone. Universal Laws are not easily grasp by the mind entangles in societal norms. So, awakening must occur and repeated study of the concepts are necessary. The following resource will give you insight into the Law of Attraction.  The tapes are purposely designed to be short and sweet, in order for you to repeat over and over, until each concept is obtained.

Collection-SmallFrom my study of this law it works. It is important to understand we live in a Universe designed whereby all things come by way of the mind. Yes there are some other concepts to be learned must first is to acknowledge the core principle and that LOA can be done. Click the picture to get this knowledge Now.



Stay Calm, Relax and Manage the Chaos Around You…


Four Simple But Powerful Ways To Get Things Done

Be Marvelous and Always Seek Those Things To Make Life Better

If you can never seem to get anything done, or are always snowed under with too much to do, then this article is for you. The following tips and techniques will aid you in completing those tasks — be they trivial items, or life changing projects, enabling you to get back on top of things.

#1: The Task Sheet


Marvin smip Honestly this is only a matter of prioritizing. At one time in my life I held the position of Office Manager. One of the things that were quite helpful was a “To Do List.” Each night or early in the morning write out your to do list. That is, write down for the day everything to want to get done. Then, put them in order by what is most important or by what will take the least amount of time. If done by least of amount of time, the quickest and fastest things get done and out of the way. This also gives a sense of accomplishment driving you forward to get the rest done. Either way, write your task down and constructively organize the list to be most efficient. Also, do it according to your personal emphasis and have fun.  

 If you don’t write things down, you probably won’t do them. If you take the time to write a list of tasks that you need to complete, you’re far more likely to begin them. Simply jot down what needs doing, and start with the tasks that take priority.

 Another good system to use is the “Personal Kanban”. This involves using 3 columns, and writing the tasks on colored sticky notes. The three columns are “backlog”, “doing” and “done”. You can also do this by making you a template and coping on a one sheet page for each day and simply using a check list.

 All sticky notes start in the backlog column. Once you start one or more tasks, the related sticky notes moves to the “doing” column. Once complete, the note moves to the “done” column.

 #2: Eating the Elephant Or the Big Sandwich


burgerThis works well with tasks that you either hate doing, or it just seems to big to achieve, so they are always put off for another day. You may have heard the question before: “How do I eat an elephant”. The answer is: “One bite at a time.” Well, I am not into eating elephants and although this can be used to bring home the point. Instead, how about: “How to You eat a big Sandwich?” The answer of course being “One bite at a time.”

If you dislike for instance washing dishes, but know it needs to be done, try breaking the task down into time segments. Instead of thinking, “oh, I have to do the washing up”, think: “I’m going wash the dishes, but only for 11 minutes”.

 It’s much easier motivating yourself to do only 11 minutes work. You’ll also find that you’re likely to carry on doing the task, even after the time has elapsed. It’s also quite surprising how much you can get done in 11 minutes!

 Another way to tackle difficult projects is to figure out each activity that comprises the whole, and make each an individual task. For example, if you had to cut the grass in the front and back garden, then the individual tasks would be:

 Cut the grass in the front yard

Trim the edges

Rake the grass

Sweep up

Cut the grass in the back yard

Trim the edges

Rake the grass

Sweep up

 The bare minimum to do would be to cut the grass in the front yard. Even if you only did this one task, then progress has been made. It’s easier to set a smaller goal of doing bite sized tasks, than procrastinating over completing the whole project.

 #3: Rewards

 Rewarding yourself for a completed task can be excellent motivation. If you are looking forward to something you enjoy, then the work does not seem so difficult or boring.


success_image_002How you reward yourself is entirely up to you. It can even be small items, like a nice cup of coffee, or an hour’s break to watch something on TV. Or perhaps something bigger, like buying that item you’ve been wanting for a while. When I was studying for my BA in Sociology, I would reward myself with a NBA basketball game. I would see who was playing that night and make an agreement with myself that if I finished my paper or reading required chapters and additional work than I would be able to watch the Lebron, Kobe or one of my best like teams play. This worked great and I got a lot done, even made the Dean’s list and a host of other academic achievements.


Self-discipline is important here. Make sure you don’t grant yourself the reward until you have actually completed the task. Most times the reward is so much sweeter if you work hard for it.

 #4: Your Energy Level

 Your energy level and mood has a big impact on getting stuff done. If you’re in a bad mood, or feel tired and lethargic, you are a lot less likely to be motivated to do anything.


Banner-125x125To quickly improve energy levels, exercise is a must. You don’t have to do anything too strenuous or committed. In fact, doing 10 pushups or jogging on the spot for 60 seconds can work wonders, and can be done at practically any time. A morning workout routine that gets the blood pumping can give you a great start to the day. In fact this should be a part of your daily habits. Also, take the time or better make time to stretch and do a few exercises when engaged in work activities. This is especially true for desk jobs or any jobs that make you immobile for long periods of time.

On a long term basis, other things that dramatically affect your energy levels are lack of sleep and diet. Remember how great you feel after a good night’s sleep? It may be that you need to get to bed a little earlier each night to feel the benefits.

As for diet, too much processed or sugary foods will cause low energy levels. These types of food can give a slight boost at first, but then comes the “crash”. Have you ever noticed how tired you feel every day after lunch? Again, drastic changes are not needed, just try not to go overboard on the sugary or starchy foods, and try to add more fruit, nuts and veggies to your meals and snacks.

 Using even one of the four techniques listed above will help you overcome procrastination, and finally get things done. You’ll be amazed at how the mood can lift once you’ve completed things that have been on the back of your mind for so long, sometimes without you realizing!

B-02-250-by-250Additionally, you must be aware when you are being overwhelmed. This added pressure bring on dis-ease. Take care of yourself and understand what stress and anxiety is and what it does to the body.

So Until the Next Time, May You Within the ALL Obtain all that is right and good…

It Is Valuable To Be Well-Rounded In Todays Global Network

Grow and Be Responsive In Your Development But Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

”The key to winning what you want lies in thinking positively toward yourself. The only real basis other people have for judging your abilities is your actions. And your actions are controlled by your thoughts.”  (Schwartz, D. J)

marvinljohnson.comIn my previous writing I stated my intent was to follow up on why we should all be using Social Networking strategies. Also, I wanted to quickly get throught it so as I might get back to my more inclined passion which is the growth and  development of the whole person. But nevertheless I wanted to touch on the Social Media Networks and their relationship to personal growth and development. Although, my focus is to concentrate on matters of the mind, body, and Spirit I recognize in our social society that a balance is highly necessary. So, unless you are going to become a sojourning monk or a recluse and abandon all material things development flows over into our careers, and lifestyles. Basically, my view is that we are here to prudently govern over all aspects of our lives and that includes branding or promoting ourselves successfully in our social networking generations. Therefore, high school students, college students, workers, business owners, and organizations should be about the business of marketing/branding their wares to better improve their status.

So, hopefully I will have the time to engage why all conscious and forward thinking people should work at promoting through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Hangouts, and LinkedIn. Again, as stated, we must be well-rounded. We have to eat and should desire the finer things life has to offer.  Part of hope is that I can guide you in doing it the correct way by also developing your mind, body, and spirit.

If any of you are struggling figuring out a few of the Social Media platforms I have easy to follow training  for most of them. So, rather young or old in you want to know about promoting or branding or want to simply give it as a gift go to the following links:

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Establishing Yourself With Social Media / Branding In my last post I stated I would key in on the Social Networks or Media of the major social machines. These include the domination of Google+, Google Hangouts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pin Interest. Now, rather I explore each one separately or two at a time I am unsure. The fact however is these Social Networks are powerful strategy marketing resources. Exploiting one or a combination of these global targeted traffic getting juggernauts is a must at this time in the business world. Each of the fore-mentioned businesses cater to thousands of potential customers. It is simply a matter of you capitalizing on all this potential assets.  So, rather you are independently branding yourself to get your name out there or selling or promoting a business or product (s) the opportunity is available. With the right training tools the entrance into any one of these Social Marketing cultures would be, and can be relatively easy.   Although my desire is to help others by way of Holistic Life Development Coaching, I understand fully the necessity for graduating students, young career professionals, actors athletes and others to also market themselves. Therefore, I urge the concept or idea of branding. To be heard, recognized, and known one must first be identified. The easiest way to accomplish this task today is by way of social networking. In fact these social entities have been continually formulated just for that.  So go and express yourself! But remember there is a right way and a wrong way. If done improperly your brand or business could be hurt. Yet, if done correctly there is a great return on your investment.   Each of the below listed social media platforms are excellent branding tools. Following the Easy Training and Marketing guides below will help you to be effective in your branding efforts. Social_Buttons_01_1A key resource to build your personal brand, but keep it clean       LinkedIn excellent resource for professional business contacts There are some unique tactics with this one but greatly enhances your exposures Additionally, if you are struggling to understand all the hype about Solo Ad Marketing then this resource will make it plain for you: Remember to invest in self. Build, honor, and respect yourself first (priority), then focus to help others. Continue to enhance your KSA and apply tools and resources that will make your journey much easier (Wisdom). Okay, the next time I think I will target in on LinkedIn and Google+. So until next time – BE WELL.