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Establishing Yourself With Social Media / Branding

marvinljohnson.com In my last post I stated I would key in on the Social Networks or Media of the major social machines. These include the domination of Google+, Google Hangouts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pin Interest. Now, rather I explore each one separately or two at a time I am unsure. The fact however is these Social Networks are powerful strategy marketing resources. Exploiting one or a combination of these global targeted traffic getting juggernauts is a must at this time in the business world. Each of the fore-mentioned businesses cater to thousands of potential customers. It is simply a matter of you capitalizing on all this potential assets.  So, rather you are independently branding yourself to get your name out there or selling or promoting a business or product (s) the opportunity is available. With the right training tools the entrance into any one of these Social Marketing cultures would be, and can be relatively easy.   Although my desire is to help others by way of Holistic Life Development Coaching, I understand fully the necessity for graduating students, young career professionals, actors athletes and others to also market themselves. Therefore, I urge the concept or idea of branding. To be heard, recognized, and known one must first be identified. The easiest way to accomplish this task today is by way of social networking. In fact these social entities have been continually formulated just for that.  So go and express yourself! But remember there is a right way and a wrong way. If done improperly your brand or business could be hurt. Yet, if done correctly there is a great return on your investment.   Each of the below listed social media platforms are excellent branding tools. Following the Easy Training and Marketing guides below will help you to be effective in your branding efforts. http://linkedin.marvinljohnson.com http://gplus.marvinljohnson.com http://ghangouts.marvinljohnson.com Social_Buttons_01_1A key resource to build your personal brand, but keep it clean       LinkedIn excellent resource for professional business contacts There are some unique tactics with this one but greatly enhances your exposures Additionally, if you are struggling to understand all the hype about Solo Ad Marketing then this resource will make it plain for you: http://soloadwiz.marvinljohnson.com Remember to invest in self. Build, honor, and respect yourself first (priority), then focus to help others. Continue to enhance your KSA and apply tools and resources that will make your journey much easier (Wisdom). Okay, the next time I think I will target in on LinkedIn and Google+. So until next time – BE WELL.